Physical Activity

“The potential benefits of physical activity to health are huge. If a medication existed which had a similar effect, it would be regarded as a ‘wonder drug’ or ‘miracle cure.” (Chief Medical Officer Annual Report 2009)

It is estimated that inactivity leads to 2,500 premature deaths in Scotland every year, and costs Scotland nearly £2 million per day. (Scottish Government 2015)

The focus of the physical activity programme is to work in partnership with colleagues from the NHS, local authorities and the voluntary sector to support the development of physical activity initiatives across all life stages throughout Lothian.

This involves identifying needs and gaps in provision and supporting the development and delivery of National physical activity and health strategies at a local level.

This is done through:

  • Raising awareness of the health benefits of physical activity
  • Working to address the barriers to being more physically active
  • Increasing the capacity and skill of staff to work with communities to support an increase in physical activity levels Lothian

Some of the key aspects of the work include:

  • Building the capacity of the physical activity workforce (across all sectors) through the development and delivery of targeted training
  • Developing and influencing physical activity initiatives and strategic development across Lothian by supporting and leading on key multi agency groups and programmes
  • Planning, developing and supporting physical activity project development by facilitate action planning, and seeking and securing funding for local programmes.

Last Reviewed: 07/11/2016