Health Promotion Service geographical programmes have 3 key aims:

  • To provide health promotion expertise to the development of  joint planning and implementation for health  improvement through community planning structures in Midlothian
  • To build capacity of NHS staff to deliver on the health improvement agenda and reduction of health inequalities
  • To promote health and reduce inequalities by supporting partners and implementing health improvement initiatives within Midlothian.

In Midlothian, Senior Health Promotion Specialists support the CHP and other organisations in the delivery of health improvement objectives. They develop and maintain links between health improvement agendas locally, pan-Lothian and nationally. 

Midlothian Joint Health Inequalities Partnership (JHIP):

Geographical SHPSs are members of the Midlothian Joint Health Inequalities Partnership which includes NHS, local authority and voluntary sector representatives. 

The action plan delivers against the following objectives:

1. Programme development – support and direction to programmes and partnerships to ensure they undertake work to tackle health inequalities. For example Financial Inclusion - Money Matters, House of Care, Community Empowerment, Health and Homelessness, Health Promoting Hospital Group, Ageing Well, Sure Start and Midlothian Young Persons Advice Service

2. Capacity building - a commitment to build skills and experience within local communities and workforces in order that they are better able to tackling health inequalities through a variety of approaches. For example: Building Health and Social Care staff understanding of health inequalities, financial inclusion, fuel poverty, health literacy and good conversations.

3. Collaborative working – working across and within partnerships and organisational structures to develop shared outcomes and objectives to promote health/ reduce inequalities in health. For example Food and Health Alliance, Midlothian Financial Inclusion Network and Health Management Team, Older People, Mental Health and Area Targeting Planning Groups.

4. Provide leadership and advocate for the development of healthy public policy, legislation and practice. This includes work with the JHIP Sub-Groups which focus on food and health, physical activity, mental health and well-being, sexual health, violence against women and financial inclusion.

5.  Community Engagement - ensure health improvement activity stems from community defined need and that community members are engaged in sub-group activity where appropriate. For example: Community empowerment and area targeting.

In addition, SHPSs support and leadership is provided to a range of local organisations and programmes including Health at Work programmes within the CHP, Ageing Well and others.

Last Reviewed: 27/06/2017