Health Promoting Health Service

As well as treating illness, hospitals can help create a step change in health and wellbeing, while at the same time contributing to a reduction in health inequalities, through promoting health and enabling wellbeing in patients, their families, visitors, and staff.
The Health Promoting Health Service (HPHS) is a settings based approach which aims to support the development of a health promoting culture and embed effective health improvement practice. The Health Promoting Health Service concept is that:
"Every healthcare contact is a health improvement opportunity"
  • Person centred: Mutually beneficial partnerships between patients, their families and those delivering healthcare services which respect individual needs and values and which demonstrate compassion, continuity, clear communication and shared decision-making;

  • Effective: The most appropriate treatments, interventions, support and services will be provided at the right time to everyone who will benefit, and wasteful or harmful variation will be eradicated.
The underlying principles of this approach are equity, participation, empowerment and sustainability. These principles fit well with current policy for health improvement and inequalities, particularly the NHS Quality Strategy
In 2008 the Scottish Government’s CEL (14) 2008 Health Promoting Health Service: Action in Acute Care Settings asked all NHS Boards to ‘implement specific promoting actions on smoking, alcohol, breastfeeding, food and health, and health at work (the Healthy Working Lives programme) to support health improvement in the acute care setting’. In 2012 a new CEL 01 (2012) extended these original aspirations and range of actions to include physical activity, sexual health, active travel and includes community hospitals in the settings targeted.
Professor Alison McCallum Director of Public Health has the lead responsibility for the HPHS within NHS Lothian.
Currently the main focus of work includes:

  • Maintaining coordination of a Strategic group, with representation from across hospital and Health and Social Care settings to drive forward HPHS within NHS Lothian.
  • Developing tailored and generic training, resources and systems to support NHS Lothian staff to embed health promotion and improvement into their daily practice.
  • Engaging with Health and Social Care partners to support HPHS actions in these new structures.

Last Reviewed: 23/08/2017