Gender Based Violence

Gender-based violence is:

‘an umbrella term encompassing the spectrum of abuse aimed at individuals and groups based on their specific gender role in society. It is experienced disproportionately by women and is perpetrated predominantly by men and may manifest in many ways.’ CEL_41 (2008)

These include: rape and  sexual assault; domestic abuse (physical, sexual, mental, financial); stalking/sexual harassment; prostitution and other forms of sexual exploitation; trafficking; so called ‘honour killings’; female genital mutilation; physical violence / murder; forced marriage and; child sexual abuse.

Police statistics for the Lothian and Borders areas for  (2014/15) record 5,673 incidents of Domestic Abuse , the majority of these (87%) being female victims at the hands of male perpetrators. Childhood assault and sexual abuse by the same perpetrator occurs in 2 in 5 cases of Domestic Abuse.  In 54% of rape cases, women are raped by a current or ex-partner.

Both victims and their children and perpetrators present across all sectors of NHS with acute and chronic illness costing the NHS around £137m per annum.

Current work streams include delivering training on domestic abuse; developing an action plan to address commercial exploitation; and supporting the work of the East Lothian  and  Midlothian Violence Against Women Delivery Group.

Service staff also support the work of the NHS Lothian Gender Based Violence Steering Group in the delivery of training and awareness raising for Routine Enquiry of Domestic Abuse.

Last Reviewed: 27/06/2017