Food and Health

The focus of the food and health programme is to promote health by addressing the barriers to making healthier choices.  We work with local food and health alliances, supporting food and health in local policy making.

The programme works with a range of partners and together work to:

  • Promote access to healthy food through supporting food co-ops, mobile fruit and veg services, supporting breast feeding for both mums and babies, supporting promotion of healthy start vitamins for mums and babies.
  • Increase affordability of healthy food by  supporting cooking sessions, eating on a budget course, promoting healthy start vouchers
  • Increasing skills around food and food preparation by supporting weaning sessions, cooking sessions
  • Increasing knowledge around food, by supporting REHIS courses in Edinburgh and our own food and health training courses, helping workers in early years centre meet setting the table guidance

Last Reviewed: 22/09/2017