Resources and Links

Reputable food and health resources and information can be accessed from the following sources:

Healthy eating - general

The Eat Better Feel Better website by Healthier Scotland has been set up to inspire and support parents and families to make healthier changes to how they shop, cook and eat.

Nutrition and Diet Resource Initiative UK: Nutrition and diet resources for use by health and other professionals for use with the public, including resources in a variety of languages.

Community Food and Health Scotland
: Scottish Goverment funded programme that has close links with community and voluntary sector organisations.

Early years nutrition

UNICEF Baby Friendly Initiative: Contains useful information and advice on all aspects of breastfeeding
The Breastfeeding (Scotland) Act 2005 – Advice for employers leaflet informs employers of the legislation and how to effectively implement this in the workplace.

Healthy Start national scheme - vouchers every  week to spend on milk, plain fresh and frozen fruit and vegetables, and infant formula milk.

Fun First Foods: NHS Health Scotland's easy guide to introducing solid foods. The key resource on weaning in Scotland - every parent recieves a copy from their Health Visitor. A briefing paper for professionals is also available.

Wean the Weans: this was produced by parents for parents and provides practical tips and recpies on weaning to complement the information in Fun First Foods.

First Steps Nutrition: a range of free downloadable guides with great ideas and recipes - Eating Well for a Healthy pregnancy, Eating Well for New Mums and Earting Well: Vegan Infants and Under 5's. 

Specialist advice: there is specific support available for parents of children who have conditions such as cow's milk protein allergy. Contact your local Health Vitising Team or the Food & Health Team for more information.



Last Reviewed: 21/09/2017