East Lothian

The East Lothian locality programme provides health promotion expertise to East Lothian Community Health Partnership and community planning partners in East Lothian.

Measures of population health in East Lothian show that health status in the area is at or just above the Scottish average. Since Scotland’s health compares poorly with that of other western European countries there is a clear need to provide access to health promoting messages and shape policy to make healthy choices easy choices. In addition there are health inequalities between different East Lothian communities with a difference in life expectancy of seven years for men and eight years for women between the best off and worst off communities. East Lothian is a rural area so difficulties accessing services also influences health outcomes. There is a greater than average number of homeless households.

The programme works within community planning to ensure that health improvement and health inequalities are tackled by strategy and policy in the area. The key link is through membership of the East Lothian Public Health Team, which brings together representatives from health, local authority and the voluntary sector. In particular,  the programme promotes evidence based practice; provides leadership for health promotion so that health promotion approaches are integrated into wider strategies and action plans; creates links between different strands of work to bring added value; implements action plans and projects and ensures close connections with the health promotion service by promoting access to the services it provides. The East Lothian Health Improvement Alliance can also provide training and support for partners to prioritise key actions that address inequalities.

Last Reviewed: 03/11/2017