Early Years

It is well recognised and reported that the early years of life are important and have a lasting influence on adult health and wellbeing. The moral, biological and economic argument to invest in early years has been gathering an increasing amount of evidence and support in recent years.

The Health Promotion Service Early Years programme aims to improve health outcomes and contribute to addressing health inequalities in the early years of life which is acknowledged as extending from the antenatal period to eight years of age.

Planning for Health Promotion Early Years developments has focused on the 0-5 age range with school age children supported through other health promotion service programmes.

The Early Years programme is currently engaged with:

  • Monitoring and governance of Health Improvement Fund projects which include antenatal outreach and health literacy work, child safety and community based Infant Feeding Advisors
  • Maternal and Infant Nutrition
  • Early Years Collaborative

Last Reviewed: 07/04/2017