City of Edinburgh

We work with a range of people, partners and organisations within the statutory, voluntary and business sectors to improve health and tackle health inequalities.  

NHS Lothian Health Promotion work includes:

  • working within the Edinburgh Partnership family 
  • actively supporting the strategic development of work to address health inequalities in Edinburgh by participating in relevant Lothian and city wide partnerships
  • supporting community learning and development approaches within the Edinburgh Community Learning and Development Partnership, and with the Lothian Community Health Initiatives Forum
  • working within the Localities
  • acting as Link Officers with NHS funded voluntary sector health initiatives across the city
  • working on staff and citizens having the information and contacts they need to recover health and maintain health
  • developing a 'Skilled Workers, Skilled Citizens' approach within the city

We take a systems approach, which means that we recognise the interactive nature and interdependence of external and personal factors that influence health. As a result we work in a range of ways within neighbourhoods, localities, the city and nationally linking with other public health and health promotion work (as listed on the left).

Last Reviewed: 21/09/2017