Capacity Building Training Programme

Welcome to the NHS Lothian Health Promotion Service capacity building training programme for 2017-18.

Health Promotion Service

The NHS Lothian Health Promotion Service leads the implementation of health promotion approaches to address health inequalities and improve health in populations across Lothian.

Health Promotion Service core functions:

  • information and knowledge management
  • programme and project development
  • organisational and partnership development
  • capacity and capability building

For more information about the Health Promotion Service please visit the NHS Lothian Health Promotion Service Website.

Capacity building training programme

Capacity building is the development of skills, knowledge and the ability to engage with others.  The capacity building training programme is an important part of what the Health Promotion Service offers, and is updated annually. 

The purpose of the training programme is to increase the skills and knowledge of people working in the wider field of health improvement.  The aim of the courses is to build confidence, explore attitudes and reinforce sound health promotion methodology.  The content of the programme is determined by the Health Promotion Service principles and programmes which are in line with current national and local strategies, policies and targets.

Reduction of health inequalities is key to all health promotion programmes. 

We offer a range of FREE courses, and information regarding other development and learning opportunities. 

This year’s programme continues to offer courses that develop the core skills needed for health promotion, such as 'Understanding Health Promotion' and 'Group Work Skills', and to support health promotion in key life stages such as 'Introduction to sexual health and well being', 'Tobacco prevention and young people', 'Introduction to domestic abuse' and 'Promoting health with people with a learning disability'.

For further information and to book a place on a course, please go to -​

Last Reviewed: 26/06/2017