​Haemophilia - Get Fit & Active

This short video will explain the benefits of physical activity for teenagers and young adults with haemophilia.

The video been developed by the Edinburgh Paediatric Haemophilia Team and provides advice though the patient, parent and professional experiences. Please remember the information given is general advice and you should speak to your own Haemophilia team before taking up any new physical activities or changing your treatment.

We hope you enjoy the video and welcome any feedback or comments, please contact Jenna Reid, Clinical Specialist Physiotherapist, jenna.reid@luht.scot.nhs.uk


<a href="/Services/A-Z/Haemophilia/PublishingImages/Haemophilia-GetFitandActive.mp4">/Services/A-Z/Haemophilia/PublishingImages/Haemophilia-GetFitandActive.mp4"</a>

Last Reviewed: 15/10/2015