Gluten-Free Food (GFF) Service

In November 2013 the Scottish Government via circular PCA (P) (2013) 29 announced the introduction of the Gluten-Free Food (GFF) Pharmaceutical Service as a one year pilot running from 1st April 2014 to 31st March 2015.

Both adult and paediatric patients with a confirmed diagnosis of either Coeliac Disease or Dermatitis Herpetiformis will benefit from this scheme.

The GFF Service allows patients to self-manage their gluten free prescriptions with the assistance of community pharmacy. Patients eligible for the new service will be identified by their GP. There is a patient information leaflet and pack available.

Patient registration for the service is required and this is achieved through completion of the Patient Registration Form by the GP or downloading the form below (please note that in order to register for this service the patient’s GP must have agreed the number of units and have signed the form).

Newly diagnosed patients will first go through the Dietetic Service (see pathway below).  This will be followed by a letter to their GP including the appropriate number of units.

It is recommended that patients are referred to this service in a staged manner to assist with pharmacy implementation.

Registration will take place with the patients chosen community pharmacy (all Lothian pharmacies are participating - see the list below) for the duration of the pilot scheme.  Creation of a Pharmacy Care Record (PCR) and an initial GFF support tool patient assessment must take place.  Thereafter there is an annual GFF review.  Any clinical referrals resulting from the assessment should be made directly to the patient’s GP.

Patients will be able to choose which staple foods they require from the Lothian Formulary up to their maximum allocated units (it should be noted that all products dispensed within the Lothian area will be chosen from the Lothian Joint Formulary.  These have been selected on the basis of palatability and nutritional value.  This may be a change for the patient and needs to be discussed prior to registration by both the GP and the community pharmacist).  To order products patients are required to complete a Gluten-Free Food Request Order Form.  This must be retained in the pharmacy for 12 months.

NHS Education for Scotland (NES) has been conducting a series of educational events and training sessions.  A training webcast of the Implementation and Support Pack is now available.

For the duration of the trial community pharmacy contractors are required to complete and maintain the following:

  • A Patient Registration Form for each individual (Annex C);
  • A complete list of registered patients;
  • A Pharmacy Care Record (PCR) and updated assessment tool;
  • Monthly CPUS form(s) for each patient including CHI numbers, details of the items dispensed and GP practice number.

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