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Please Note: The information contained within this section is under Copyright and has been prepared by the Endoscopy Unit for the sole purpose of informing Patients of the necessary preparations for the endoscopic examinations performed within this specific unit and should not be freely distributed. It must be noted that this information has been prepared for the sole purpose of informing the patients of this Unit, of the preparations and procedures related to the relevant examinations.
The following pages contain the information that has been prepared to help you understand the procedures that will be performed. Please read the relevant pages for the procedure that you have been referred for. If you have any additional questions, please feel free to discuss them with the endoscopy nurse or your doctor before the examination begins.

Patient Information Booklets

Please select the appropriate procedure from the following information booklets:
Note: Diabetic patients please refer to the relevant section of your procedure information booklet

Upper GI


Small Bowel


Lower GI 





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