Success Rates

Several factors affect the chances of success, including the actual cause of infertility and the response of the woman to the drug treatment, but the age of the woman at the time off egg collection is the most important factor affecting outcome. For women over 40, the chances of success are reduced. Even if the initial pregnancy test is positive, there is still a considerable risk of early miscarriage. There is usually a drop in pregnancy rate for women who commence treatment after the age of 35.
The treatment and success rates below have been sourced directly from the website of our regulator, the HFEA. All the latest live success rates can be found on the HFEA website (
IVF/ICSI rates for births per embryo transferred, births per egg collection and multiple births.

Pregnancy rate per IUI treatment using partner sperm

Birth rate per donor insemination treatment





Last Reviewed: 23/08/2017