What sort of treatment is offered?

The Cullen Centre specialises in cognitive behavioural psychotherapy which is a problem-oriented therapy focusing on the here and now and involving active collaboration between patient and therapist.

However, many patients require a much more comprehensive approach; this may involve drug treatment, family interviews and a variety of other psychotherapeutic techniques. These may include cognitive analytic therapy (CAT), interpersonal psychotherapy (IPT), dialectical behaviour therapy (DBT), art therapy and emotional freedom technique (EFT).

Patients are expected to take an active part in their therapy, perhaps engaging in behavioural tasks between sessions, diary keeping or practising certain skills or techniques that they have been taught. Patients are encouraged to have full access to their notes, test results, rating scales and to regard the Cullen Centre records as joint working documents.

Treatments can be either on an individual or group basis.

Last Reviewed: 25/10/2013