The Lothian Diabetes MCN has tasked the Diabetes Professional Education Group with the remit of professional education in care homes to ensure that staff have access to the most up to date information on diabetes.  The Education Group have completed a set of diabetes guidelines for care homes and publish a twice yearly newsletter.

Care home staff are encouraged to attend the many diabetes course for registered and non-registered staff that are available thoughout Lothian.  These courses can be seen on the professional education page or by contacting Bonnie Thomson.

Guidelines for Diabetes in Care Homes

These Guidelines are intended to improve quality of life by detecting and treating diabetes and its complications at an early stage.  They should also promote equity of access of uniformly high quality diabetes care to all residents in Lothian, irrespective of who they are and where they reside.

Lothian Diabetes Care Home guidelines November 2012.pdfLothian Diabetes Care Home guidelines November 2012.pdf

Diabetes Newsletter for Care Homes

Carehome newsletter November 2012 finalv2.pdfCarehome newsletter November 2012 finalv2.pdf

Beta Diabetes News July 2013 Diet.pdfBeta Diabetes News July 2013 Diet.pdf

Beta Diabetes News November 2013 insulin storage.pdfBeta Diabetes News November 2013 insulin storage.pdf

Last Reviewed: 16/12/2013