Metabolic Unit Handbook

2 Introduction

TypeNameLast Reviewed
pdfMetabolic Handbook - Introduction01/06/2011

3 Staff

TypeNameLast Reviewed
pdfMetabolic Handbook - Staff Directory01/06/2011

5 Endocrine Management Protocols

TypeNameLast Reviewed
pdf001 - Management of Patients with Pituitary Disorders on the Neurosurgery Wards01/06/2011
pdf002 - Guidelines for the Investigation of Mineralocorticoid Excess01/06/2011
pdf003 - Investigation of Cushing's Syndrome01/06/2011
pdf004 - Von Hippel Lindau Screening Protocol01/06/2011
pdf005 - MEN 1 Screening Protocol01/06/2011
pdf006 - MEN 2 Screening Protocol01/06/2011
pdf007 - Management of Well Differentiated Thyroid Carcinoma01/06/2011
pdf007a - Guidelines for the Management of Thyroid Cancer01/06/2011
pdf007b - Thyroid Function Testing in Primary Care Pregnancy Guidance 17.10.0801/06/2011
pdf007c - Thyroid Function Testing in Primary Care Guidance 17.10.0801/06/2011
pdf007d - Amiodarone induced thyroid dysfunction01/06/2011
pdf008 - Practical Guidelines for Arranging Radio-Iodine Therapy for Patients with Differentiated Thyroid Cancer01/06/2011
pdf009 - Guidelines For Whole-Body Scanning for Surveillance of Well-Differentiated Thyroid Carcinoma01/06/2011
pdf010 - Procedure For Outpatient Radio-Iodine Administration (For doses of 400 MBq or 800 MBq)01/06/2011
pdf011 - Practical Points on Hypercalcaemia01/06/2011
pdf012 - Practical Points on Hypocalcaemia01/06/2011
pdf013 - Osteoporosis01/06/2011
pdf014 - Glucocorticoid-induced Osteoporosis01/06/2011
pdf015 - Growth Hormone Replacement Therapy for Adult Hypopituitarism01/06/2011
pdf016 - Growth Hormone Replacement Therapy for Adult Hypopituitarism: Shared Care Policy and Information for GPs01/06/2011
pdf017 - Adult Growth Hormone Deficiency Assessment (AGHDA) Quality Of Life Questionnaire01/06/2011
pdf018 - Follow Up for Adults with Turner's Syndrome01/06/2011
pdf019 - Management Protocol for Maple Syrup Urine Disease01/06/2011
pdf020 - Management of Paget's Disease01/06/2011
pdf021 - Criteria for recommending surgery in a patient with asymptomatic primary hyperparathyroidism01/06/2011
pdf022 - Management of Dysthyroid Eye Disease (GO)01/06/2011
pdf023 - Investigation and follow up of Adrenal Incidentalomas01/06/2011

6 Cardiovascular Risk Clinic Protocols

TypeNameLast Reviewed
pdf001- Consideration of Investigation for Secondary Hypertension01/06/2011
pdf002 - Protocol for the Induction of Minoxidil Therapy01/06/2011

Last Reviewed: 01/06/2011