What to do in an emergency

Emergency Contact

If you are feeling unwell, and feel you need to be seen by the team earlier than your next appointment, please call the CF nurse specialists on 0131 537 1762. They will be able to advise you on how to proceed.

Emergency Reviews

*Emergency reviews only on Saturday and Sundays*
Out-of-Hours:  Ward 54:  (0131) 537 1788

Medical cover at weekends:

There is always a Medical Consultant available.
If you are unwell and need to be seen, it is essential that you contact Ward 54 by 10am in the morning, if possible, to arrange to be seen.
We appreciate that it is not always possible to predict when you need our service. Of course we would always arrange to see you and admit you to Ward 54 if you are acutely unwell. We would appreciate your help in contacting and arranging a review on the ward early in the day if possible. We appreciate your help making the CF service at the Western General Hospital run efficiently and continue to do so.

Last Reviewed: 14/04/2016