Ward 54/Inpatients

The Ward

Ward 54 is a 35 bedded mixed respiratory & cardiology ward. CF inpatients are accommodated in the 11 single rooms which have en-suite toilet and shower facilities.
The ward is staffed by nurses who are trained in CF care.
Rooms are furnished to a high standard with TV/DVD with Freeview and Fridge etc.

Ward 54

Tel: 0131 537 3554
Out-of-Hours:  Ward 54:  (0131) 537 1788
Visiting hours: 10am - 8pm


We have a physiotherapy gym where patients can take part in individual sessions. Equipment includes:  
  • Exercise bikes
  • Dumbells

When will I see the Doctor?

On admission and then daily. Consultant ward review is twice a week on the ward round.

Am I allowed to use my phone?


Can I bring my own food?

Yes, however, we are unable to heat up home made food. (Microwavable packaged meals are acceptable.)

Can I leave the ward?

You must check with the nurses or CF Team if you wish to go out of the ward.

Food snacks

A variety of crisps, chocolate and juice are available daily- supplied by the ward.

Admission Checklist: What to bring into hospital

When you are admitted to hospital please remember to bring the following items with you (we appreciate that not all these items will apply to everyone) :
  • Your medication (both tablets and nebulised).
  • Your nebuliser machine, including the chamber and lead.
  • Your physiotherapy airway clearance devices.
  • Your sinus clearance equipment
  • Your BiPAP machine, tubing, mask / nasal cushions and lead
  • Blood glucose monitor (if you use one).
Ward 54, Western General Hospital, Edinburgh
 Inpatient room, Ward 54, Western General Hospital, Edinburgh

Last Reviewed: 03/07/2015