Outpatient Services

  • CF Clinics - Each week the team run 1-2  CF clinics in Edinburgh and one in Dundee with full CF Team input and review.
  • CF Annual Reviews - Annual review tests performed on clinic days.
  • 3 Monthly CF Diabetic Clinics - Run jointly with a specialist diabetes consultant and diabetic nurse specialist in addition to the CF team.
  • 3 Monthly Transplant Clinics - Review clinics are run by the Cardiopulmonary Transplant team at the Freeman Hospital, Newcastle. (This clinic is located at the Western General Hospital, Edinburgh.)
  • 6 Monthly CF Liver Disease Clinics - Review clinic run jointly with a consultant liver specialist.
  • Pregnancy/Obstetrics - Joint care of pregnancies with obstetrics. This includes the diabetes team when required, and is held in the metabolic unit, Western General Hospital.
  • Transition CF Clinics - Transition clinics are led by Dr Rodgers and run jointly with the Paediatric CF Team for patients transitioning to the CF Adult service. Clinics are located in both the Royal Hospital for Sick Children and Western General Hospital in Edinburgh.
We follow the CF Trust's guidelines in relation to cross-infection for both inpatients and outpatients. At the CF clinic, patients are given a room for the duration of their visit which minimises contact with other CF patients and therefore reduces the risk of cross infection. You will be seen by all members of the team. All CF clinic appointments are made according to microbiology status – this means what grows in your sputum.
It is important that you come to the clinic appointment you have been given.  If you miss a clinic appointment we may not be able to give you another appointment for up to 6 weeks. We would like your help in ensuring we review all patients appropriately.

Clinic Location

All clinics are held in Clinic A, 1st Floor, Main out-patient department of the out-patients building.

Clinic Time

Clinic times are 1.45pm & 3.30pm.

Clinic Tips

  • Bring your annual review feedback letter to your clinic appointment if you have received one.
  • If you arrive early for clinic, please do not come up to the clinic until your appointment time, as a room will not yet be allocated to you.
  • For Diabetic clinics only- please remember to bring your BM monitor (if you have one), your blood glucose diary and an early morning urine sample.
If you are unable to attend you appointment please call 0131 537 1762 at the earliest convenience to re-arrange your appointment.

Ward attenders

In addition we review patients on the ward as ward attenders through prior arrangement. As a large Cystic Fibrosis service we will aim to see you as soon as possible, although this may not be the same day you call.  When attending the ward for review we have to consider length of appointment needed, Doctor availability, cross infection and room availability.
Please help us by attending ward times as arranged and letting us know if you cannot make it or are running late. It is also important if you are originally booked for a short appointment (ie. blood test), and you are unwell and need a Doctor review, to let us know in advance so we can arrange a longer slot in our diary for you.
We appreciate your help in keeping your service running smoothly.

Contact details

Cystic Fibrosis Office - Tel: 0131 537 1762
CF nurse mobiles: 07770326301 or 07770326302
Clinic A (on clinic day only) Tel: 0131 537 1317
 CF outpatient clinic (Clinic A), Outpatient Department Western General Hospital, Edinburgh

Last Reviewed: 03/07/2015