Other Sources of Information

Patient information leaflets produced by other organisations on various aspects of genetics and links to websites where leaflets are available:

The Scottish Genetics Education Network (ScotGEN) is a network for all individuals involved in teaching genetics for healthcare in Scotland. ScotGEN was established in 2005 as a collaboration of the 4 Scottish Clinical Genetics Centres with Scottish Universities.

Link to the website of Macmillan and their information about cancer support.

Cystic Fibrosis Trust
Link to the website of the Cystic Fibrosis Trust. A number of leaflets are free to download including 'Genetics' which covers topics on inheritance, carrier testing, tests during pregnancy and for newborn babies.

Unique: Rare Chromosome Disorder Support Group
Link to the website of Unique and their booklet 'The Little Yellow Book' which gives a basic understanding of chromosomes and rare chromosome disorders.

Having a Colonoscopy
A patient information leaflet about having a Colonoscopy. A copy of another leaflet, published in 1999 by KeyMed is available here.

British Society for Human Genetics
Link to the website of the British Society for Human Genetics. A variety of leaflets produced by members of the society are free to download on aspects of genetics, genetic conditions and genetics services.

Patterns of Inheritance
Link to the website of Contact a Family and their patient information about patterns of inheritance.

Breast Cancer Care: Breast Cancer in Families Leaflet
This booklet explains what a fmaily of breast cancer is and what this may mean for you or your family.

Breast Cancer Care

Signs and symptoms of breast cancer.

Last Reviewed: 26/09/2016