Genetic Laboratory Services

Diagnostic services for the South East Scotland Genetic Service are provided through the Cytogenetics and Molecular Genetics (DNA) laboratories.   The laboratories are located in the Institute for Genetics and Molecular Medicine (IGMM) and the David Brock Building, both of which are accessed from the Porterfield Road entrance (entrance “C”) to the Western General Hospital.  Sample reception for both laboratories is in the Centre for Genomic and Experimental Medicine building of the IGMM.

The Cytogenetics Service, currently accredited to CPA standards, is sub-divided into three Sections each led by a Principal Cytogeneticist and the Service as a whole is led by a Consultant Clinical Scientist. 

Molecular Genetics, accredited to ISO15189:2012 (medical laboratory number 8143) by UKAS, is also led by a Consultant Clinical Scientist.

Both laboratories are members of the Scottish Genetics Laboratory Consortium - laboratories in four centres that work together to provide testing for a range of inherited conditions, both relatively common disorders and rare genetic conditions.

Last Reviewed: 23/11/2016