Head of Section: Mary Glancy

Telephone 0131 537 1940

The Solid Tissue section provides a diagnostic service for products of conception, stillbirth and IUD.

Samples are analysed initially by QF-PCR and then if appropriate by Microarray

Live skin biopsies and terminations of pregnancy where mosaicism is suspected are set up in cell culture and karyotyped.

Referral Indications; Metabolic Studies;

Referral Indications


  • Any fetus, stillbirth or neonatal death with congenital abnormality suggestive of a chromosome anomaly or with neural tube defect or with IUGR.
  • Abnormal ultrasound scan, including hydatidiform mole and “blighted ovum”
  • Known familial chromosome rearrangements
  • Previous chromosomally abnormal child
  • Miscarriage from IVF pregnancy


  • Confirmation of prenatal diagnosis
  • Investigation of mosaicism in dysmorphic/developmentally delayed individuals
  • Tissue specific syndromes

The products of conception should be sent for post mortem examination by the Pathology laboratory, Royal Infirmary, Little France. Biopsies will be taken by the Paediatric Pathologist who will request microarray analysis. Smaller samples where Microarray analysis is the primary indication may be sent directly to the laboratory as soon as possible after delivery.

Tissue Biopsies for Metabolic Studies

The laboratory no longer accepts samples for culture and dispatch to other laboratories for metabolic studies. Please contact the Dept of Cytogenetics, Medical Genetics, Yorkhill Trust, Glasgow G3 8SJ. Tel 0141 201 0384.

Details of Limitations of Cytogenetics Investigations are available.

Last Reviewed: 26/08/2015