Social Capital and Wellbeing

Social Capital is a way of describing the benefits for people and groups of being and feeling connected with other people and part of communities.

Developing social capital is a way to tackle the health inequalities that result from social isolation, low levels of support and low self-confidence. Increasing confidence, increasing a sense of connectedness and belonging and the ability to bring about change in your own life are all things which help protect our mental health.

Positive mental wellbeing can lead to improvement in lots of ways including physical health and higher educational attainment, as well as improved outcomes for employment, parenting, relationships, reducing crime and quality of life.

Developing social capital and supporting wellbeing can mean supporting opportunities for people and groups to form connections in allsorts of ways. Examples could include the creative arts, opportunities to volunteer, education, befriending, spirituality, access to green spaces.

Last Reviewed: 16/07/2014