Embedding Recovery

Mental health Recovery means different things to different people. It is a way of living a satisfying, hopeful and contributing life even with limitations caused by illness. Embedding recovery means that A Sense of Belonging promotes the values of recovery and aims to make sure that those values run through services and communities in Lothian.

You can find out more about Recovery at www.scottishrecovery.net

While each person’s recovery journey is unique there are key themes or values.

Recovery as a journey

The recovery journey can have ups and downs and is often described as a journey rather than a destination.

Hope, optimism and strengths

Hope is widely acknowledged as key to recovery. There can be no change without the belief that a better life is possible.

More than recovery from illness

For some people recovery is about recovering a life and identity beyond the experience of mental ill health.

Control, choice and inclusion

Taking control can be hard but many people describe how important it is to find a way to take an active and responsible role in their own recovery.

Self management

One way to gain more control over recovery is to develop and use self management techniques.

Finding meaning and purpose in life

We all find meaning in very different ways. Some people may find spirituality important, while others may find meaning through employment or the development of stronger interpersonal or community links. Many people describe how important it is to feel valued and to contribute as an active member of a community.


Supportive relationships based on belief, trust and shared humanity help promote recovery.

Embedding recovery means making sure that these values are part of all our mental health services.

Last Reviewed: 16/07/2014