Callum Pathway

In 2014 - 2015 NHS Lothian developed a Strategic Plan for 2014 -2024 committed to ensuring that a patient’s journey of care through the NHS and social care services is truly person centred. To help with this four characters, representing people of different ages, lifestyle and backgrounds, were formulated; Callum, Sophie, Scott and Hannah.

To support this work, the “Callum” Task Group organised a number of Stakeholder Dialogue events to focus on Callum and how to plan changes in service provision on the basis of how it would benefit him.  Callum represents adult patients between 16 and 55 years old who suffer from anxiety and depression and has some substance misuse problems.

These reports are summaries from the Stakeholder Dialogue events that are helping to  inform the development of Callum’ pathway and the improvements needed to support him , his friends , family and  community.

October 2014: First Stakeholders dialogue report
January 2015 Second Stakeholders dialogue report
East Lothian
West Lothian