Working Together With You

We are committed to involving people in the project to redevelop the REH campus and see the need to include patients, staff and members of the general public in order to shape and improve services at the hospital.

Patients and carers

Collaboration with patients and carers have in recent years been a cornerstone in the development of REH services. During the planning of phase 1 patients through the REH Patients council and Edinburgh Carers Council have been fully involved with clinicians and planners around the design of the new facilities.

Staff involvement

The staff at the Royal Edinburgh Hospital have been involved extensively in planning for the project.  Clinicians from all the areas involved in the phase 1 planning have been central in the design, development and agreement of the plans.

Staff are kept informed of project progress through NHS Lothian publications, including the staff intranet, and through their management structures. Workshop events are being planned to keep staff, patients and relatives informed in the progress of the building of phase 1 of the project.

Public consultation

Members of the public have been invited to comment throughout the process on the initial phase one redevelopment and the masterplan for whole site.

This involved public displays of information and the opportunity to question project staff in a range of locations, including hospital sites and community centre venues.

Other stakeholders

NHS Lothian has sought to engage with a range of stakeholders. In addition to engagement with clinicians, user groups and other organisations with an interest in the site, the campus redevelopment team has sought to engage at an early stage with key stakeholders in any planning application process including the planning authority, the City of Edinburgh Council, as well as Historic Scotland and Architecture & Design Scotland.

Public Social Partnership

NHS Lothian recognises significant benefits can be achieved for the wider community by inward investment and securing social return on investment in procuring and commissioning of a new hospital.

In collaboration with local authorities and the third sector, the REH Campus has been identified as a major opportunity to introduce community benefits in procurement; including exploring the opportunities for using a Public Social Partnership (PSP) approach.  A PSP differs from other commissioning approaches in that it starts with the needs to be addressed, not the services available.

The programme has been granted additional support by the Scottish Government in setting up the PSP from the Ready for Business consortium.

Last Reviewed: 09/09/2014