Early Careers Event at Liberton Primary

The Early Careers event was held to introduce the primary school children to the wide range of career options relating to the construction industry. 11 participants attended the event from the project; BMCE, NHS, Dunne, Astins, Mercury, CITB, and involved speaking to 160 children from Primary 5 to Primary 7.
The event allowed the children to gain an insight into the world of work, and aimed to demonstrate the wide variety of jobs that are available within the sector.
The primary school children visited each stall in small groups and were given short introductions to all the types of jobs that were present with a number of interactive activities including wearing PPE such as hard hats and high visibility jackets, operating a model tower crane and applying bandages in case of an injury.
They were also able to ask questions about the skills they needed for their work, what they liked most about their job, and what they wanted to be when they were in primary school.
The event was enjoyed by all of the participants and received positive feedback from the primary school pupils with one pupil saying it was "best thing he had done at Liberton".

Last Reviewed: 10/03/2016