Behind the Scenes - July 2016

Commissioning, equipment and eHealth
The RHSC Commissioning Operational Group have developed a final draft of the Migration Plan for the transfer of services from the existing building to the new one and this will be discussed at the project Programme Steering Board.
The DCN Commissioning Operational Group have developed a final draft of the Migration Plan for the transfer of services from the WGH to the new building.  All services  involved in delivering the Neuroscience Service have participated (WGH Critical Care Unit/RIE Critical Care Unit/RIE Senior Management/Radiology/Therapies/Clinical Wards/OPD’s/eHealth Health Records/Admin and Management.  Next steps will be building more detail into the plan. 
Staff affected by the move should now have received a formal letter from their line manager informing them under the Organisational Change Policy that the service is moving. A series of open meetings have taken place in July to discuss the Organisational Change Policy and provide an update on the project. If you have not received a letter then please highlight this to your line manager. A number of hospital wide design packages are continuing to be developed and signed off - the focus this month has been on Intruder Alarms and Sanitaryware.
The Commissioning Managers along with departmental staff are in the process of reviewing equipment to assess its suitability for transfer either to the new build or elsewhere in Lothian. The final equipment list has just been released by Project Co. This will be prepared for inclusion in the workbooks early next month and will show dept-by-dept and room-by-room equipment.
Services and departments are in the process of reviewing and agreeing their final IT equipment lists in terms of desktops, printers, video conferencing etc. The move of the Health Record libraries (RHSC & DCN) department has been agreed and will take place in the month leading up to the clinical moves in 2017.
Arts and Therapeutic Design
Royal Hospital for Sick Children
Artist Kate Ive is looking for inspiration and interesting materials in the Sick Kids. She is working on our ‘Old to New’ project to make artworks out of our proud history, and has plans to take casts of the familiar red sandstone facade, engrave on original teak flooring and etch onto a slate roof tile.  These will be on display as a part of the art and therapeutic design programme in the new building. Is there anything that you think symbolises the old building for you that Kate could consider turning into a new chapter for RHSC?  Please bear this in mind while looking at what equipment is transferring and what records you might be disposing of, and email with any suggestions.
Department of Clinical Neurosciences
Thanks to the 35 staff and patients who came to test furniture and hear about the arts and therapeutic design projects on 31st May.  Your feedback is now being reviewed by Dress for the Weather (the design team). Staff have been meeting with artist Kate Ive to capture old parts of the building to be turned into displays in the new DCN – including a window from the Dott theatres.
Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service
The Sick Kids Friends Foundation have expressed an interest in funding further design enhancements for the inpatient bedrooms. The design team from Projects Office will be back to explore this with staff and patients once funding is secured.

Last Reviewed: 08/08/2016