Behind the Scenes - April 2016

Construction Update
Productivity on the concrete frame has been stepped up and all concrete basement works have now been completed. External walls and window installations continue around the building. Stairs with handrails, internal partitions, building services and ventilation is now being progressed.
Steel works on internal access bridges, columns and roof top plant rooms has also started. Preparatory work to accommodate public utility services from Old Dalkeith Road (A7) in conjunction with Public and Private drainage system connections is also now underway. Finalisation of the flood defence works to the Niddrie Burn are also continuing.
Design, Redesign and Commissioning
With the sign off of all the departments now finished, the focus is now on approving all of the cross hospital strategies. The focus this month has been on external landscaping and courtyards, protecting walls, finishes, way finding and signage.
The overarching Commissioning Groups met in April and these groups continue to progress work. The commissioning workbooks are due to be launched in early May and these will go to managers to help ensure a smooth transition into the new hospital. Service redesign continues with several areas progressing changes in the way they want to deliver services now in order to embed these in practice in advance of the move.
Arts and Therapeutic Design
Charity-funded art and therapeutic design projects continue with images for the wall graphics and way finding emerging from discussions with patients and families.
At the RHSC, artist Emma Varley has been appointed to develop lightbox designs inspired by the Child’s Garden of Dreams stained glass window, so that although this large piece won’t be coming to Little France, we will be taking references to it.  Emma will be running a workshop with patients in the next few weeks – date to be confirmed. In a similar vein, Emma Butler-Cole Aiken who created the stained glass window in the current Sanctuary is designing a new piece for the spiritual care team in the new hospital.
DCN patients and staff will soon be seeing one of Natasha Russell’s graphics for the new building on the wall of the current DCN – a chance to get feedback on the design, test the materials, and brighten up the department for its last 18 months on site.
Critical Care and Pharmacy redevelopments
Construction continues to redevelop the critical care area within the bedded areas on wards 115/116 and this will last until the end of June.
The works will be completed in January 2017 and the overall project will allow the addition of DCN critical care beds when the new building opens.
The construction project in Pharmacy will now start in May 2016 and will take in excess of one year to complete. The work will provide a bigger state-of-the-art aseptic facility, pharmacy robotics and new patient waiting facilities.

Last Reviewed: 16/05/2016