Works to decommission the oxygen storage tanks located opposite the Emergency Department will start this week (Monday 14 April).
This is part of wider on-site works which will allow for the proposed new Royal Hospital for Sick Children and Department of Clinical Neurosciences (RHSC + DCN) to be built on the site of Car Park B. The new oxygen storage tanks are located outside Out Patient Department 6.
These works are scheduled to take place on Monday 14 and Tuesday 15 of April between 08:30-1730hrs and will include the venting of the remaining oxygen from the tanks.
We anticipate that the venting will cause some noise as the gas releases from the tanks. This may be audible within the hospital however we will do our utmost to minimise this noise and any disturbance it may cause staff and patients.
The escaping oxygen will vaporise immediately forming a cloud above the tanks. This cloud will look like clean white smoke but it is just water vapour and does not pose any risk.
The venting will be controlled and intermittent to allow for the cloud to clear overhead. 
The tanks are due to be fully removed on 11 May 2014.
We would again like to thank all staff patients, visitors and staff for their understanding as we carry out these works to improve the hospital and in order to prepare the site for the new hospital building.

Last Reviewed: 04/12/2015