Pharmacy Upgrade

The Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh critical care department will be upgraded to allow the neuroscience intensive care service to be relocated into the Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh when the Department of Clinical Neurosciences moves into the new adjacent building.

The number of critical care beds will increase from 39 to 42 and the upgrade will allow greater flexibility of the bed spaces and reduce the need for patient moves. It will mean that all intensive care patients are co-located on site in one area creating a central hub of skilled and competent staff and improving 24/7 consultant cover. The upgrade also allows for the creation of two air controlled isolation rooms and better reception arrangements for staff and relatives.
To allow the upgrade and expansion of critical care, a new renal and transplant HDU will be created, this will provide four additional beds and mean that half the beds in the unit will be in single room accommodation. There will also be improvements to patient flow and access to natural light as well as to relative accommodation.
This work is scheduled to take place between 2015 and 2016.

Last Reviewed: 04/12/2015