Loanhead Medical Practice and Loanhead Clinic 

This project will see Loanhead Medical Practice and, the community services accommodated in Loanhead Clinic, redeveloped in a new and modern building. 
The new Practice, which will be three times larger than the current building, is being developed as part of the Loanhead Leisure Centre Development, a project being led by Midlothian Council.
This partnership development will include a new Loanhead Paradykes Primary School and Nursery, Library, Leisure Centre and Loanhead Medical Practice within the same campus.

Work commenced on the new Medical Practice in May 2016 with overall completion anticipated in summer 2017.   

The benefits the new building will bring include: 

  • an increase in the number of patients that can be treated
  • GP training facilities
  • better access to community services
  • GP facilities which meet and exceed national standards 

The Practice is increasing significantly and will include: 

  • Five GP consulting rooms
  • One GP training room
  • Two treatment rooms
  • Two community consulting rooms
  • One phlebotomy room
  • One health education room for things like; baby clinics, group work, training
  • One meeting room
  • One staff room
  • Increased office accommodation that will also meet the needs of any visiting services. 

Last Reviewed: 13/03/2017