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​Summary of Community engagement on new East Lothian Community Hospital (ELCH) November 2013
The current  East Lothian Community Hospital stakeholder group was set up by East Lothian Community Health Partnership (CHP) and met for the first time in December 2012. This group includes representatives from East Lothian Health Network (the Public Partnership Forum in East Lothian), Association of Community Councils, East Lothian Council elected representatives plus representatives from the third sector, including Consultation & Advocacy Promotion Service.
At the first stakeholder group meeting a historical overview was given. There was strong feeling expressed by the community representatives that there should be no wider consultation at this stage until we are further forward in the process, as they do not want to give false hope to the East Lothian community. The stakeholder group was in agreement with this. Some of the community representatives have participated in previous ELCH project board meetings and workshops as East Lothian Community Hospital has already been to the stage of outline business case on two previous occasions  and full business case on one.  The ELCH project was curtailed in 2010 due to the impact of the global economic environment on the availability of public capital funds. Community representatives stated that it was agreed in community consultation prior to 2010 that the preferred site would be Haddington
A draft role and responsibilities was agreed at ELCH stakeholder in December 2012 and community engagement strategy was agreed at ELCH stakeholder meeting in February 2013  
At the meeting in February 2012 it was suggested that:
  • The stakeholder forum should focus on community engagement,
  • Public consultation could be taken forward through East Lothian Council Locality Groups ( a revised local area partnership process is being established within East Lothian
  • Visioning Outcomes in Community Engagement (VOiCE) tool is used to manage and monitor the engagement process for the project. A VOiCE record was started in August 2013. (Online access  to the VOICE tool is available online
The stakeholder group were invited to a presentation on Capacity Planning for ELCH in August 2013 following the appointment CAPITA to gather information to support the case for repatriation of services to the of ELCH from the Edinburgh Hospitals.  . Stakeholder group members will be invited to Options Appraisal, Risk and Design Statement workshops. A stakeholder meeting is planned for January 2014. Wider community consultation will be planned once the scoping is agreed during March to May 2014. The mechanism for doing this will be agreed with the stakeholder group.
A meeting was held in October 2013 with the Scottish Health Council, CHP and two stakeholder representatives (members of East Lothian Health Network), who have been involved in current and previous ELCH project developments, for advice, to ensure the community engagement process is being carried out appropriately .
East Lothian Health Network will be hosting a presentation on ‘East Lothian Community Hospital - the story so far’ at their general meeting in February 2013 to which members of the wider community will be invited.
Meriel Deans
Public & Community Involvement Co-ordinator
East Lothian Community Health Partnership & East Lothian Partnership
Miriam Anderson
Business and Capital Manager
East and Midlothian Community Health Partnerships
NHS Lothian

Last Reviewed: 19/09/2014