A Brief History

Herdmandflat Hospital was built in 1866 by East Lothian Council. It has continued to provide a focal point for non-acute mental health services covering the population of East Lothian. Over the years, there have been various service and clinical changes which has enabled a change of focus allowing most patients to be treated in the

With the recent opening of the Midlothian Community Hospital followed by the closure of Edenhall Hospital in 2010, this has provided an opportunity for more integrated services.
Roodlands Hospital, located approximately half a mile from Herdmandflat, was built in 1936 as an Infectious Disease Hospital containing four isolation pavilions. During the 1950’s it was developed into a general surgical and medical hospital.  Since then, there have been various service and clinical changes which has resulted in the current Community Hospital facility.
The Roodlands Hospital site pictured above has been put forward as the preffered option for the East Lothian Community Hospital (set out in the Inital Agreement in  2014). This has not been confirmed and will be a part of the Business Case.
Due to the age of both these facilities, the buildings are no longer fit for purpose and have limited ability for flexible use. There are also issues relating to patient safety, privacy and dignity.
The new facility will provide an opportunity to provide current services in a purpose built building meeting required standards and regulations. Repatriating some sub-acute services from the City hospitals will assist in easing the pressure on these sites along with bringing more services closer to the community.
Services currently based within Herdmanflat, such as adult and older people’s mental health services and learning disabilities services, are expected to be relocated to the new hospital. Other medical facilities – including carers of East Lothian and Macmillan, GP practices, outpatient departments and 14 beds relating to a day surgery unit – were also included in the presentation and could form part of the new hospital. At the same time, various other aspects, such as a pharmacy, spiritual services, meeting rooms, library, catering and laundry, will be considered.

Last Reviewed: 16/04/2015