Update on progress - February 2016

The timeline for completion of the new hospital remains unchanged and we fully expect to welcome the first patients in 2019.
The new Hospital will bring a significant number of services back to East Lothian, many that are currently provided in other hospitals. We must ensure that the services in the new hospital are sustainable and best fit the needs of the people of the county.
We will have our full business case to the Scottish Government later this year and, in the process of doing this, some options and proposals for surgical services are being reviewed with staff, this work links directly to the issue of making the most of all our assets and ensuring effective use of revenue funds.
No final decisions have been taken however one thing for sure is that there will be surgical services at the new hospital.
A group has been established which will bring together our clinical and leadership experts including surgeons, anaesthetists, endoscopists and theatre nurses, as well as union colleagues. As part of this review they will work together to look at our use of this current facility and our capacity requirements over the coming years to deliver timely access for patients.
This group will then make recommendations, likely in late spring, as to how best we can deliver sustainable surgical services to people in East Lothian. The views of local people are extremely important to any decisions we take and we will continue to engage with them as we move ahead with this process.
NHS Lothian and the East Lothian Health and Social Care Partnership remain committed to the development of the Community Hospital but it is important to get the Outline Business Case right.
The new hospital will bring a number of services back to the county and will provide many more inpatient beds than are currently available locally.
Whilst our business case has yet to be finalised, we are currently looking at a circa 60 per cent increase in inpatient beds from 78 to around 132. However 20 of these beds may be held in reserve for future population growth.
The East Lothian Health and Social Care Partnership has also recently funded a new programme called ELSIE (East Lothian Service for Integrated care for the Elderly), helping to prevent admissions to hospital by funding additional capacity in the community. ELSIE provides a hospital at home service and early signs are very positive, both in regards to patient experiences and a reduced admission/readmission to hospital.
David Small
Chief Officer
East Lothian Health and Social Care Partnership
Jim Crombie
Chief Officer - Acute Services
NHS Lothian