NHS Lothian established the Pan Lothian Review of Older Peoples' Services in January 2002. Following two interim reports, the Pan Lothian Review presented a final report to the Board of NHS Lothian recommending, along with work to be developed on patient pathways, that the services currently on the Royal Victoria Hospital site, should be re-provided. Photo of Royal Victoria plaque on stone wall

The decision to re-provide the Royal Victoria Hospital services was taken as part of NHS Lothian’s Improving Care, Investing in Change (ICIC) programme and was discussed at the ICIC Public Consultation in 2004. This was presented to the Scottish Executive Capital Investment Group in November 2005 and signed off in January 2006.

Following initial models of care and planning group work, services, which can be amalgamated with existing services were agreed and the services, which are to be re-provided, were identified as:
  • Medical inpatient beds and associated clinical and administrative support on the Western General Hospital site.
  • Psychiatry of Old Age inpatient beds within the Royal Edinburgh Hospital
  • Psychiatry of Old Age Day Hospital places plus an outreach service in the community in North Edinburgh
  • Adult Mental Health Day Hospital in North Edinburgh
  • Lab Van service;
  • Nursery facility on Western General Hospital site if an appropriate site can be identified
  • Hospital broadcasting service

Last Reviewed: 01/06/2011