The role of Capital Planning and Projects

Capital Planning and Projects is a relatively small department of project management and architectural specialists within the Finance Directorate of NHS Lothian.

The team are led by Iain Graham, who is the Director of Capital Planning and Projects.

They are responsible for the development, procurement and implementation of capital and revenue funded projects across NHS Lothian.

This includes development of business cases for the programme of major new acute and primary care facilities, management of the Board's capital equipment replacement programme and the on-site management of strategic projects following the appointment of designers and contractors.

The department's project managers act as the link between the service, finance and governance and the construction interests of each project.

This work includes:

  • Supporting the delivery of services and clinical infrastructure, systems and facilities required to provide modern, fit-for-purpose health care.
  • The development and delivery of effective facilities management including implementation of capital projects, to ensure and maintain healthcare provision.
  • Prioritising competing demands in respect of allocating and co-ordinating departmental space requirement and demands. Where infrastructure projects create or develop capacity, then the first call on that will be through the projects/needs already identified, to ensure a strategic approach in the use of NHS Lothian’s facilities, in line with the agreed Clinical Strategy.
  • The management and maintenance of the physical environment, in which healthcare can best be delivered to the patient that also promotes their wellbeing.
The Capital Plan is directly linked to NHS Lothians strategic plan 2014-2024. NHS Lothian’s strategic plan - Our Health, Our Care, Our Future – sets out what we propose to do over the coming decade to address these challenges and continue to provide a high quality, sustainable healthcare system for the people of Lothian. 
We hope that this website helps you to understand the capital planning process better and allows you to see the important role our properties play in helping people live healthier, longer lives.
We are committed to building a healthier future for the people of Lothian and beyond.

Last Reviewed: 08/04/2016