Our Values

Care and Compassion

  • We will demonstrate our compassion and caring through our action and words
  • We will take time to ensure each person feels listened to, secure, understood and is treated compassionately
  • We will be visible, approachable and contribute to creating a calm and friendly atmosphere
  • We will provide a safe and caring setting for patients and staff, and an efficient, effective and seamless care experience
  • We will meet people's needs for information and involvement in all care, treatment and support decisions

Dignity and Respect

  • We will be polite and courteous in our communications and actions
  • We will demonstrate respect for dignity, choice, privacy and confidentiality
  • We will recognise and value uniqueness and diversity
  • We will be sincere, honest and constructive in giving, and open to receiving, feedback
  • We maintain a professional attitude and appearance.


  • We will demonstrate a commitment to doing our best
  • We will encourage and explore ideas for improvement and innovation
  • We will seek out opportunities to enhance our skills and expertise
  • We will work together to achieve high quality services
  • We will use our knowledge and enthusiasm to implement positive change and overcome challenges


  • We will understand and value each other's role and contribution
  • We will be fair, thoughtful, welcoming and kind to colleagues
  • We will offer support, advice and encouragement to others
  • We will maximise each other's potential and contribution through shared learning and development
  • We will recognise, share and celebrate our successes, big and small

Openness, Honesty and Responsibility

  • We will build trust by displaying transparency and doing what we say we will do
  • We will commit to doing what is right - even when challenged
  • We will welcome feedback as a means of informing improvements
  • We will use our resources and each other's time efficiently and wisely
  • We will maintain and enhance public confidence in our service
  • We will be a positive role model


Last Reviewed: 17/04/2014