Edinburgh Health and Social Care Partnership

The Scottish Government's plans for the further integration of adult health and social care aim to ensure improved health and wellbeing for people.

There are three main areas for improvement:

  • More integrated services, planned and delivered seamlessly and consistently around the needs of people who use our services and their carers
  • Flexible, sustainable budgets which can move around and between partners to maximise their impact
  • Services which are better geared towards helping people live at home safely and get back there a soon as possible when they are in hospital To progress integration in Edinburgh a shadow Health and Social Care Partnership was formed in November last year. Councillor Ricky Henderson has been appointed as Chair and Shulah Allan, Non Executive Board Member of NHS Lothian as Vice Chair for the first two years.

The papers for this meeting are available at www.edinburgh.gov.uk/transformedinburgh/info/12/integration/14/decision_making

Edinburgh Integration Joint Board Meetings

Integrated Joint Board (Special Meeting) - Friday 16 October 2015

Integration Joint Board Meeting - Friday, 25th September 2015

If you have any questions please email transformedinburgh@edinburgh.gov.uk

Last Reviewed: 15/10/2015