Our Staff

Whatever the future holds with regard to advances in healthcare and technology, our most valuable resource will remain constant - our staff.

Without their expertise, enthusiasm and commitment to care, NHS Lothian could not provide the standard and quality of care patients require.

NHS Lothian is a major employer in the region with approximately 24,000 staff.

All our clinical staff are fully supported by the invaluable contribution of our support staff.

Our team is committed to improving patient care and services for all. NHS Lothian is pledged to engage staff as key partners in service planning and modernisation. Our staff partnership framework is the cornerstone of this partnership.

Around 3,000 staff from across the organisation have helped us to develop a set of common values and ways of working. These values reflect what our staff feel really matters in providing healthcare for the people of Lothian.

Our values:

·         Care and compassion

·         Dignity and respect

·         Openness, honesty and responsibility

·         Quality

·         Teamwork​ 

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Last Reviewed: 10/12/2013