Connections Newspaper

Connections is NHS Lothian’s regular newspaper – keeping 28,000 staff, plus patients and many others, in touch with what’s going on throughout our huge and diverse organisation. It covers stories about new and improved services, staff achievements and important changes in the region’s health and social care. The Newspaper is also an important way to publicise campaigns, from hospital hygiene to child protection. Connections has won a variety of awards for being Scotland’s best staff newspaper.

If you have a story for Connections contact:

Alexis Burnett, communications manager
0131 465 (3)5647
07785 521 080

Connections welcomes advertising, and is an excellent way to reach a large and targeted audience. Advertising deadlines are shown below. Contact Alexis Burnet for further information, including guidelines on what sort of advertisements we are able to publish.​​​

Last Reviewed: 13/04/2017