Dignity at Work Survey launching next week

This year, NHSScotland staff experience will be measured nationally using iMatter as usual, but also supplemented by a short survey called the Dignity at Work Survey. The results of this national survey, together with the iMatter results, will help provide an effective and meaningful picture of staff experience.

The survey will run from 11am on 6 November until 5pm on 27 November 2017, and results are expected to be published in February 2018.

The Dignity at Work Survey will give staff the opportunity to anonymously express how they feel about dignity at their place of work. This information can then be used to inform decisions which will encourage positive staff experience and support improved care.

The survey asks questions about dignity at work, such as: bullying and harassment, discrimination, abuse and violence from patients and public, resourcing, and whistleblowing.

It’s really important to us that we get a wide view of staff experience, because it contributes to the way we provide care to our patients. We hope that as many staff members as possible recognise the value of the Dignity at Work Survey and respond in a timely manner – the higher the response rate the more likely the views will be representative of all staff in our organisation, and the more we will have to act on.

For more information on the Dignity at Work survey and NHSScotland's national approach to staff governance, visit NHSScotland's Staff Governance web pages.