St John’s Hospital receives exemplary inspection report

St John’s Hospital in Livingston has received a very positive report, published 18 October 2016, from the Healthcare Environment Inspectorate (part of Healthcare Improvement Scotland) after an unannounced inspection in August.
The inspection resulted in no requirements or recommendations being issued to St John’s, reflecting the hard work of the staff at the hospital.  
The inspection, which took place on Wednesday 10 and Thursday 11 August 2016, focused on infection prevention, cleanliness standards and communications between staff and patients.
Highlights of the report include the findings that staff have a good working relationship with the infection prevention and control team and adhere to all policies, and that they take appropriate opportunities for hand decontamination.
The report notes good communication between staff and patients relating to infection prevention and control. NHS Lothian is very pleased and encouraged with the positive outcome of this inspection, and staff remain committed to maintaining high standards to ensure patient safety at St John’s Hospital.
Fiona Cameron, Head of Infection Prevention and Control Services, NHS Lothian, said: “We have very robust infection control policies and are pleased that our high standard of care has been recognised.
“We are proud of what our staff have achieved, as they are aware of the importance of patient safety and that the best way for this to be delivered is providing a clean and safe environment.”
Agnes Ritchie, Associate Nurse Director, St John’s Hospital, NHS Lothian, said: “We are delighted that the commitment and dedication of our team at St John’s has been recognised and highlighted in this report.

“This is great news for us, and we are sure that the team will feel inspired by this.”