Dads2b classes launch in East Lothian

NHS Lothian has launched Dads2b free antenatal classes for first-time dads in Musselburgh.
The classes will offer vital hands-on experience for new dads and will teach a range of practical and essential skills, such as bathing a baby, how to put a nappy on, and how to soothe a new born. The course offers dads a friendly, relaxed environment where they can ask questions, chat and share tips on what to expect about becoming a new parent.
Dads are encouraged to attend as close to their partner's due date as possible, usually around 32 weeks or in the third trimester of pregnancy.
Andie Hewitt, Parent Education Co-ordinator, NHS Lothian, said: “NHS Lothian has been successfully running antenatal classes for fathers in West Lothian for over 11 years, and we’re really pleased to be able to join forces with other agencies to provide this service in East Lothian.
“The course has been specifically designed with dads in mind, helping them to explore fatherhood, develop confidence in caring for and bonding with their newborn, and providing support to expectant mums.”
NHS Lothian works closely with Sure Start, DadsWork, Dads Rock and First Step community project.
Harriet Drury, Senior Family Coordinator, DadsWork, said: “DadsWork are excited to be able to join NHS Lothian in offering the Dads2b programme in East Lothian, in partnership with First Step Community Project.
“NHS Lothian is now delivering the antenatal classes across all regions of the Lothians, which a fantastic achievement made even more special because 2016 is the Year of the Dad.”
Ray, a first time dad, attended the antenatal classes in West Lothian. He said: “The classes were a great opportunity to learn about the life-changing event that is having a baby. I don’t have any significantly younger siblings or cousins, so I had no real experience of young children.
“The classes gave me a chance to chat about any concerns or worries I had in a very informal environment. Our daughter was born by C-section, and for the first two weeks I was doing most things like bathing, dressing and changing nappies, and the practice I’d had at Dads2b was invaluable.
“The course is a really great idea – I had totally underestimated the impact of a child on my life, and this support being available for first time dads is great.”
Notes to Editors

• The classes will be held at the First Step Community Project, 37 Galt Avenue, Musselburgh, EH21 8HU

• To book email: or, or call 01506 524020 or 0131 6650848.

• The classes run in blocks of 4 weeks, on Wednesday evenings 6.30-8.30pm. Blocks run:
November 2 – 23 

January 11 – February 1 

March 1 – 22 

May 3 – 24





Watch Andie Hewitt from NHS Lothian give some of her top tips for dads to be, which are covered in the Dads2b classes.