Advice on staying safe during Hogmanay from our Medical Director

NHS Lothian's Medical Director, ​​Dr David Farquharson, offers advice on staying safe at Hogmanay this year:

“We want everyone to have fun at Hogmanay, and a few simple precautions will help make sure that celebrations are a night to remember – for all the right reasons.

“If you are heading to the street party, you will probably be outside in the cold for several hours. It’s worth remembering that alcohol lowers your body temperature, so warm clothes are vital.

“It’s important for people who take regular medication to make sure they have what they need with them. Check your local pharmacy’s opening times and make sure you’re stocked up both at home and in your bag when you head out.

“When it comes to drinking, it is best to pace yourself and have a meal beforehand to soak up some of the alcohol – starchy foods are best. It is also a worthwhile tip to try drinking a soft drink or water in between every alcoholic drink.

“Remember that there is also plenty of help available in the city centre on the night, so look out for medical staff and police who will be able to help you.”