Vision for the future of Bangour Village

Ambitious plans which will restore Bangour Village into a thriving community have been submitted to West Lothian Council.

The master plan, which has been developed by GVA James Barr in conjunction with a team of consultants, on behalf of NHS Lothian, sets out proposals for the site.

These proposals include around 800 new homes with potential additional uses which may include shops, leisure facilities, a GP, Dental Surgery and a new primary school at the site.

The sense of place and special heritage created by the original master plan for the site, as well as the extensive public consultation has fed into the development of the planning application with a view to enhancing the site.

Professor Alex McMahon, Director of Strategic Planning, Performance Reporting and Information, NHS Lothian said: “Over 400 interested parties including; the Dechmont Community Council, members of the public, councillors, MSPs and MPs have provided their opinions on how they think Bangour Village should be redeveloped. 

“We are confident that the proposals, in the main, reflect the feedback we have received through our extensive consultation. 

“Our plans preserve public access to large areas of green space, maintain the natural woodland setting and seek to meet the aspirations of the local community in; maintaining the A-listed buildings, retaining the shop and cricket pavilion, all of which were raised and noted during the public consultation exercise.

“We have taken a combined approach to developing our designs. Working collaboratively with West Lothian Council, Historic Scotland, Princes Regeneration Trust, Scottish Futures Trust and, perhaps most importantly, the people of West Lothian, to achieve what we think is a positive vision for the future of the site.”

This site offers an excellent opportunity to provide West Lothian with a substantial contribution towards its emerging Local Plan requirement for new homes.

Richard Slipper, Director, GVA James Barr, said: “Extensive community consultation took place from December 2014 to April 2015 and subsequent detailed discussions are still under way with other technical consultees. We are pleased to bring forward a masterplan in principle that reflects the critical findings from the community and from the outcome of technical discussions. 

“We have now achieved our first step of lodging the planning permission in principle application and the application for demolition of non-listed buildings. Our work on the sites viability and heritage solutions will now continue in parallel with these submissions and selective listed building applications will follow.

“We remain hopeful of a minded to grant planning decision from the Council before the end of this year, in order to allow our clients to present this site to the development market, for a selected developer/purchaser to take the consents onward to final detailed approvals.”

The master plan will now be reviewed by West Lothian Council and will be open to feedback from the public and other interested parties.

NHS Lothian anticipates a response to these proposals before the end of 2015.

Notes to Editors​​ 

In November 2014, NHS Lothian working alongside Scottish Futures Trust, appointed GVA James Barr as lead consultants to a team of Heritage and development experts to evolve a route to enabling development of the site to see progress in securing the future of an important Scottish Heritage asset.

The buildings at Bangour are protected by the entire sites designation as a Conservation Area. Some of the buildings are also ‘listed’, and the mature woodland setting is protected by a Tree Preservation Order. Historic Scotland, West Lothian Council, The Princes Regeneration Trust and others have been fully engaged with NHS Lothian in taking forward plans for the site.

Bangour comprises a 220 acre south facing rectangular shaped site adjoining the West Lothian village of Dechmont. Within the site there are 2 “A” listed buildings, 3 “B” listed buildings, 10 “C” listed buildings. 

There are 25 unlisted buildings on the site of which two have been deemed to make a positive contribution to the character and landscape of the site and will be kept as part of the masterplan.

The exceptional mature woodland and key landscape features have been incorporated to form an essential part of the future life of the new community.

Bangour, which adjoins the village of Dechmont in West Lothian, stopped operating as a hospital site in 2000 when the last hospital services relocated to the new St Johns Hospital facility in nearby Livingston.

NHS Lothian currently pays approx £300,000 each year to maintain the site.