NHS Lothian Smokefree Grounds

All NHS grounds in Lothian became smokefree on 1 April 2015. We have made these changes to promote health and improve the environment for all.

Please do not smoke anywhere in our buildings or grounds.

If you do not want to stop smoking, please comply with our policy by not smoking anywhere in our buildings or grounds. If you are a patient, it may not be appropriate for you to leave the ward and go off the hospital grounds to smoke, however, staff will be able to advise you on this.

If you choose to leave the ward against staff advice, we cannot be responsible for maintaining your care. During your absence, you will be responsible for your own wellbeing. Please do not leave the ward area with hospital equipment (e.g. drips and monitors).

If you find it hard not to smoke, please let staff know. They can arrange Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) for you.

If you are an inpatient or are coming to hospital

During your stay in hospital you will not be able to smoke in the hospital buildings or grounds. Our staff will encourage you to stop smoking, at least for the duration of your stay.

Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) and other treatments will be available to manage nicotine withdrawal symptoms while you are an inpatient and on discharge if clinically appropriate.

If you would like to stop smoking, our specially trained smokefree advisors can offer support and advice.

Can I use an e-cigarette or vapouriser?

Electronic nicotine delivery systems (ENDS) which are e-cigarettes and vaping devices are not allowed anywhere in our buildings.

They are also not allowed to be used in green hatched areas or close to our entrances or windows. Due to fire risk, please do not charge ENDS in our buildings. If this is a problem please discuss with a member of staff.

Free help to stop smoking

NHS Lothian has a team of specially-trained staff who can provide practical advice on ways to give up smoking that will suit you, with a range of treatments to choose from.

We know that by getting support from us and using a suitable medication, you are four times more likely to quit compared to doing it on your own.

If you are a visitor

We understand that having a friend or relative in hospital is an anxious time and can be very difficult.  However, it is for safety and the promotion of health that we ask you to respect our policy and not smoke in our grounds.

We ask that you please wait until you have left our grounds before you start smoking.

Please contact the smokefree Lothian team if you would like support to comply with our policy or with stopping smoking on 01506 523 871.

Please remember: Do not smoke anywhere in our buildings or grounds.

Details of smokefree Lothian services are available from:

Thank you for your consideration in helping us to protect the health of our patients, staff and visitors.