Bus stop closure at Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh

As a result of safety concerns, NHS Lothian, has decided to close the bus stop (for buses leaving the site) opposite the QMRI building on Little France Crescent from Monday 31 August.
This closure is as a result of ongoing dangerous behaviour by pedestrians and road users. Those who use the stop can either use the Bus Hub or the original bus stops on Old Dalkeith Road (please click here for a site map). The bus stop will reopen when the ongoing construction works allow for safe access.
This is not a decision which has been taken lightly and we hope that it doesn’t cause you too much inconvenience. This is something we feel is absolutely necessary for the safety of all our site users.
Our target date and time for the closure of the bus stop is 09:00 on Monday 31 August 2015.
May we also take this opportunity to remind all pedestrians to use the footpaths provided around the campus for their own safety and refrain from taking shortcuts outside of the designated pedestrian routes.