Survey shows positive feedback from NHS Lothian patients

Nine out of 10 inpatients (91%) are pleased with the care they receive in NHS Lothian, according to a new survey. 

The Inpatient Patient Experience Survey 2014 showed that hospital patients rated ward cleanliness highly, were well informed about their stay and found staff to be compassionate and understanding.

The results, published this week, showed 85% of those surveyed rated their care and treatment in A&E as being very positive or positive, up two per cent since 2012, and 90% of patients were satisfied with the amount of time they waited to be admitted to hospital after referral, a five per cent increase on 2012 statistics.

Sarah Ballard-Smith, Nurse Director at NHS Lothian, said: “There are many positives to take from these latest statistics which show patients in Lothian are generally positive about their experience in hospital.
"We are really pleased to note that patients rated their surroundings as being clean (95%), they received quality care (85%) and that staff are compassionate (73%).
“In A&E, nearly all (97%) of patients said they had enough privacy when being examined or treated.
“This survey provides a really helpful tool which we will use constructively to help shape our services and ensure we continue to provide the best possible care for patients.”

A total of 5,013 people who stayed overnight in an NHS Lothian hospital between 1st April and 30th September 2013, were asked to complete the survey. Of that number, 2,426 returned feedback on their experiences.

The findings also revealed some areas that can still be improved. Around two thirds (64%) wanted more information on how to provide feedback about the care they received. Three out of ten (31%) patients said they weren't satisfied with discussions around any clinical errors.  

Mrs. Ballard-Smith said: "NHS Lothian is committed to improving its services for patients and their families. We are analysing the feedback and recognise that there will be specific things we will want to change in light of the survey.”

The Inpatient Patient Experience Survey 2014 was commissioned as part of the Scottish Care Experience Survey Programme, which aims to use the public's experiences of health and care services to improve those services.

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